Museum Communications Toolbox – workshop for #mwf2014

Our arts & culture marketing specialist, Alexandra Korey, teamed up with Museums and the Web Florence 2014 co-organizer Stefania Chipa and OCAD professor Martha Ladly for one of the workshops that concluded the MWF2014 conference. The workshop was held in the Sala dei Priori of the Museo dell’Ospedale degli Innocenti on February 21, 2014.

We developed a framework that museums and cultural institutions can use to approach communications problems by breaking down problems into critical issues, and selecting a tool from the “Communications toolbox” to address each critical issue. This should lead to the development of a project that targets specific audiences, uses digital tools, and addresses the problem.

The worksheet we used is reproduced here and may be used by staff to work through issues in a structured manner.


The slides presented by Alexandra are available, while the full report will be published soon on the Museums and the Web website.




For Museums and the Web Florence 2014, Flod collaborated with Stefania Chipa and Martha Ladly to develop a strategic model for problem solving museums' issues through communication.