Comunicazione per progetto europeo Mitomed+

Mitomed Inside the EU Parliament

The European-Union Interreg-Med financed project Mitomed+ studies and exchanges best practices related to sustainable coastal tourism. The Region of Tuscany is the lead partner, with Flod acting as subcontractor to ANCI Toscana for certain aspects of communications. Other partners are located in Spain, Cyprus, Croatia, Brussels and France. For the 36-month project, Flod has managed social media communication, as well as attended strategic partner meetings in Andalusia, Croatia and Brussels.

In addition, one of our main tasks was to create animated videos explaining what this EU project is, an instructional video about how to use the platform that is central to the project, and interviews during all the project meetings around Europe, including inside the European Commission.



Photography during Mitomed Plus events around Europe, and at the “Green Beaches” that participated in the Projects.

  • A conference in Andalusia

  • Inside the EU Parliament

  • A Green Beach in Croatia

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Comunicazione per progetto europeo Mitomed+

Comunicazione social media e creazione video tutorial e interviste per il progetto europeo Mitomed Plus sulla sostenibilità delle destinazioni costiere.

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