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Official Bloggers at #MWF2014

We at Flod have been given the wonderful task of picking three official bloggers for Museums and the Web Florence 2014, as part of our media partnership for this important American conference. We’re not calling this a “social media team” and it’s certainly not a blog tour, two concepts that are now outdated. Rather, we’ve picked official bloggers who can contribute to the diffusion of a “digested” version of the conference’s contents to an outside public.

What factors does one consider when picking which bloggers to work with? We don’t think that being the most famous or having the most traffic is necessarily important – an element that also went into our selection of bloggers at Florens2012. Rather, one must think about the person’s ability to understand, synthesize and communicate the specific topic of the conference to an engaged and niche market. For Museums and the Web, we wanted people who talk about – and understand – museums. In Italy, this pool is relatively limited, but very important, since they are responsible for getting news of digital innovation in this sector across to the many small museums in this country who really need that information.

At our official blogger table you will find:

  • Aurora and Francesca from #SvegliaMuseo, a project to help Italian museums “wake up” in the field of social media and digital communications. The project was just born in late 2013, but we immediately recognized its importance. Their Facebook page has incredible engagement and it’s where a lot of small museums go to learn & share. Follow their tweets on the official @svegalimuseo account or their personal accounts @RoryinLA & @ThePorden.
  • Caterina from Lonely Traveller defines herself as a journalist, web designer and traveler. We appreciate her incredible analytic ability and her reach into the sectors of travel and the arts. Follow her tweets at @Lonelytraveller.
  • Anna is a press officer whose blog Care about Culture is a place to collect various observations on the digital culture and startup world. She is an untiring attendee of every single culture conference in Italy and we’re looking forward to her always dependable and insightful tweets at @addamico

Alongside the invited bloggers, we’ll be there as a team from Flod and our newspaper The Florentine, tweeting from the accounts @FlodRepublic and @TheFlorentine as well as some personal accounts.

We’re also happy to welcome colleagues from Bologna-based BAM! The Cultural Strategy Cooperative who tweet at @BAMstracult, and Florence-based Buzz Detector who will be monitoring and analyzing social data at the conference.

You can find all the official bloggers’ accounts at this Twitter list. We look forward to engaging with you on the hashtag #MWF2014!

Photo credit Flickr user @elzoido


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